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#001: From Backyard BBQ to KCBS Competition BBQ – Fern’s Semi-Famous BBQ

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Fernando Martinez (@FernsBBQ) from Fern’s Semi Famous BBQ 




Fern’s BBQ on FOX 5 San Diego:

BBQ With Gary:

Ole Hickory Pits:

Weber Grills:

Del Mar BBQ Championship:

Hot Sauces n More:


  • Adventures of Fern’s BBQ from the military, to a legal office job, to the blue-collar life, to the Wild West that is BBQ
  • Part Time warehouse Manager for a Biomedical company turned into BBQ aficionado
  • Eats Sleeps and Breathes BBQ
  • Traveling the United States in search of good BBQ 
  • Brown Sugar or Vinegar-based sauces in BBQ?
  • Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston
  • Spring Valley BBQ Tailgate Festival
  • Traeger Grills
  • Being humbled quickly in BBQ competitions – you don’t know as much as you think you do
  • Learning how to cook more than just burgers and dogs at the BBQ Festival
  • Fern’s BBQ has a self-made, solar-powered BBQ trailer with HD Flat Screens and more 
  • Fern’s BBQ can cook up to 250 people on solar power
  • Fern’s trailer has all the bells and whistles and plans to build a larger one
  • Best Tailgate Team award in San Diego at the BBQ competition
  • What to do when people try and steal your idea?
  • Competing in KCBS BBQ Competitions
  • The many different styles and concepts of BBQ – KCBS in Australia
  • Stick burners to pellets
  • Traveling on airplanes with Tri-Tip in your bag
  • Tri-Tip used to be around $0.29/lb and is now close to $8.99/lb
  • West coast BBQ to East coast BBQ
  • BBQ with Gary from Texas met him on Instagram 
  • Learning how to do BBQ Math when BBQing for a group of people
  • Pecan Lodge in Texas
  • BBQ is an adventure – it’s a rodeo 
  • Different preferences of wood in BBQ
  • Tailgating is in our blood. Tailgating is the best thing you can do, so much camaraderie 
  • BBQ brings people together as family
  • The smell of charcoal when the grill fires up, there’s nothing like it
  • How many hashtags to post on Instagram
  • Learning BBQ tips from the legend Gene Goycochea 
  • Keeping things “simple” in BBQ competitions is best
  • Everyday in business you are constantly LEARNING new things
  • Wine Barrel Smokers?! Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels?!
  • Arlie-Que
  • Pork Belly (much like Brisket) at Valley Farm Market
  • Nick Hardwick from the San Diego Chargers
  • Dave and Jeff podcast

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