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#009 – Raising Money for Charity in BBQ Events with Shane Walton – Organizations In Training

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Shane Walton (@OrganizationsInTraining) of Organizations In Training




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Notre Dame’s Shane Walton Has No Regrets:

– Shane Walton, President of Organizations In Training (OIT) in San Diego

– Shawn met Shane at Bishops High School in La Jolla

– Shane was an amazing soccer player and then went to college to walk on and play football at Notre Dame

– Dr. Charlie Marshall helped give Shane Walton some $ to get in to the school (first year tuition)

– Shane had to learn how to be a hardcore student at Bishops, coming from public school (wasn’t easy adjusting)

– Bishops school year’s tuition is estimated to range from $22,000 to $23,500, with an annual enrollment fee of $1,700 to $2,200. This includes most field trips, comprehensive college placement counseling and academic, athletic and arts programming, as well as the Expeditionary Learning program. – 100 people in senior class

– Shane worked his ass off in school because he wanted to make a good living for his family and be able to support his family without troubles

– Bishops Football team was small and had only had 30 players

– Derek went to Kansas State to play football

– Derek wrestled, played baseball, and football

– Shane got a scholarship opportunity from Fresno State but turned it down

– San Diego breeds amazing athletes

– San Diego needs something to rally around SDSU

– Shane went to Notre Dame because of their head soccer coach and how real he was

– Shane was asked to come play 2 years of soccer at Notre Dame and then after his second year he was offered to play football

– Shane played soccer his first year and was All-American his freshman year

– He was just 5’9 165lbs freshman year

– Shane learned a big life lesson at Notre Dame that helped shape him to who he is now

– OIT:

– Shane learned a lot of great life lessons by doing so many hours of community service in school

– “It’s so important to always give back”

– In 2015, Shane with OIT, helped save Spring Valley BBQ Fest by stepping up to be the sponsor

– OIT – parent training – teacher training – OIT teaches to go to the “need” look through the behavior – OIT works with students to really dive into self-awareness

– OIT – started as Family in Training

– The Monarch School downtown SD – training, leadership skills, going on 6th year:

– OIT 8/13 Karl Strauss event center – OIT trying to raise $100K

– Cali Comfort BBQ wouldn’t be anything without charity – Gene Goycochea

– Shane Walton Foundation – Golf Tournament

– Nike commercial with LT -Gates Merman Rivers – Shane (motion man #18)

– Notre Dame highlight reel

– In Notre Dame, it wasn’t easy to get scheduled for a hair cut. No calling for appts, waiting 3 hrs to get your cut, so Shane grew his hair out!

– August 13th 3-6pm fundraiser event – come and learn about OIT

– Cali Comfort BBQ catering OIT fundraiser

– DONATIONS available on OIT website

– BBQ brings people together, always

– Giving back is so important to Cali Comfort BBQ , VFM , OIT

– OIT charity for Del Mar BBQ State Championship

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