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#062: How to Make a Career in Podcasting – Dave Palet

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Dave Palet – TV & Radio Show Host/Podcast Personality – @DavePalet – San Diego, CA

Podcast recorded above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.


  • Dave Palet is a TV and radio host, podcast personality and co-host of the Dave and Jeff Podcast.
  • Originally coming to San Diego to play baseball, Dave fell in love with broadcast and started his career as an intern at a local station.
  • Dave showing up everyday allowed him to turn a chance phone call into a multi-sport reporting contract with ESPN.
  • Feeling restricted by the constraints of terrestrial radio led Dave, and his broadcast partner, to start their own podcast where they were free control the content and sponsors.
  • Breaking your day into three parts: 8 hours of work. 8 hours of sleep. 8 hours of personal time.
  • The effect of the increase in concussion-based injuries on the future of youth football and the changes in the collegiate sports’ infrastructure to insure students are healthy and safe.
  • As a coach, Dave focuses his player’s development more on creating great childhood memories than only driving results.

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Shareable Quotes From This Podcast:

  • “If you start think of things as a craft that you’re working on that everyday and showing up. Be so good they can’t ignore you, you’ll find opportunities where your passions can grow.” {19:18} – Shawn Walchef
  • “There are so many people in San Diego that are diehard Lakers fans, but how dare you root for the Chargers.” {27:20} – Dave Palet
  • “If my wife didn’t talk to me from Friday night to Monday morning. I’d be fine with it. I love college football!” {28:20} – Dave Palet
  • “In baseball you play the game best when you’re relaxed. Coaches want you to play like Derek Jeter but they don’t want coach like Joe Torre.” {40:53} – Dave Palet
  • “I was fortunate to play in every level of sports, from Little League to Pro Sports. The most fun I ever had was in little league.” {43:16} – Derek Marso

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