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#068: Ray Lampe’s Big Green Eggsperience at BETonBBQ

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Ray Lampe “Dr. BBQ” – Big Green Egg – @DrBBQ – Del Mar, CA

Podcast recorded live at the Turf & Surf BBQ State Competition in Del Mar, California.

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  • “Dr. BBQ” Ray Lampe entered his first competition in 1982 and has spent the last 15 years learning different barbecue styles and competing in cookouts to hone his craft.
  • One of the worlds most prime professional pitmasters, Ray quit his family trucking business after 25 years to become a full-time pitmaster.
  • Ray is opening his first restaurant “Dr. BBQ’s” with partners Suzanne and Roger Perry to bring new American BBQ to the St. Petersburg Edge District with a dynamic full service restaurant.
  • As KCBS member #943 Ray shares the obstacles of growing the barbecue movement and entering competitions before the internet.
  • Choosing a path based on experience: How Ray has been able to adapt to the changes in barbecue.

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “I’ve been the company spokeschef for 15 years. That’s unheard of. I basically invented the job” {3:11} – Ray Lampe
  • “You go through life and you come to a lot of forks in the road and you use your best judgement to make those decisions and you hope they’re a good ones.” {12:27} – Ray Lampe
  • “Barbecue is growing but it’s something our ancestors did. It’s fire, wood and cooking.” {22:43} – Derek Marso
  • “I’ve been around forever and I know the real stuff. At the end of the day, one of my many jobs is barbecue historian- I really lived all this.” {35:53} – Ray Lampe
  • “It’s your passion, I believe you. But you also need $100,000 and you have to work your ass off. If you don’t have those two things it doesn’t matter how much you like it.” {46:05} – Ray Lampe

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