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#079: Above the Next Butcher Shop in La Jolla – Murfey Company

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Russ & Scott Murfey – The Murfey Company – @murfeycompany – La Jolla, CA

Podcast recorded live above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in La Jolla, California.

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  • Derek Marso of Valley Farm Market and Shawn Walchef of Cali Comfort BBQ have partnered with the Murfey Company to open Valley Farm Market’s second location in La Jolla.
  • The Murfey Company encompasses a family of brands, all of which are driven by technology, and fueled by a passion for all things in the building industry.
  • Creating the customer experience- Derek shares his concept for a fast-casual, high-end market in La Jolla.
  • Murfey’s three pillars: Development, Investments & Construction and how it allows Murfey to seek value that others don’t see.
  • How Russ and Scott want to be a positive impact for the community they grew up in and why they partnered with Valley Farm Market.

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The Murfey Company

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “My goal, and Shawn’s goal coming in to La Jolla is we want to be a part of this community.” {6:30} – Derek Marso
  • “I told my dad I wanted to be President of the United States. He said ‘No you don’t. You want to the be the president of your own company.’” {10:15} – Scott Murfey
  • “My wife asked me how can I have so many people that love me. It’s not just that they love me; I love them.” {17:48} – Shawn Walchef
  • “If you’re going to win the championship you’re doing it with a team.” {21:35} – Scott Murfey
  • “There’s been a need for something like this in the community for a long time. {36:57} – Scott Murfey

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