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#080: Generating a Powerful Team Through Positive Energy – Repower Solar & Roofing

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Byron & Ian Frisch – Repower Solar – @RepowerSolar_SD – San Diego, CA

Podcast recorded live above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.

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  • Byron Frisch and Ian Frisch are the owners/operators of Repower Solar and Roofing. A locally owned, licensed roofing, and full solar installation company in San Diego.
  • Eliminating as many factors for failure as possible; Byron describes why he and Ian chose to open franchise.
  • Ian discusses the future of the solar industry and gives insight on the misconceptions of new technology like solar tiles.
  • The benefit of working with family and fostering the family environment for your staff to build trust.
  • Developing staff and how the greatest factor for your company’s long-term growth comes from a passionate and invested team.

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “The beauty of working with family is that you know we aren’t going to lie to each other or screw each other. We can trust each other.” {23:03} – Byron Frisch
  • “When you’re part of a team you can do so much more than by yourself.” {24:59} – Byron Frisch
  • “I’ll guarantee everyone in my store makes more than the average person at Albertson’s or anywhere else. I overpay people because I want them to be happy.” {31:00} – Derek Marso
  • “It’s organic growth where you have need that actually ends up being successful.” {34:08} – Byron Frisch
  • “I need to be in a better position to deal with the world when it’s not a nice place. {41:24} – Ian Frisch

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