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#054: Digital Storytelling Secrets with Tabitha Lipkin – FOX 5 San Diego

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Behind The Smoke - Tabitha Cover

Tabitha Lipkin - FOX 5 San Diego - @TabithaLipkin - San Diego, California

*Podcast recorded above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.


  • Emmy Award winning, FOX 5 San Diego broadcaster Tabitha Lipkin is creatively using social media to promote her personal brand while staying authentic.
  • Tabitha’s love for traveling and meeting new people motivated her to study broadcasting at the University of Texas.
  • A certified SCUBA Dive Master, Tabitha talks about being Miss SCUBA International 2014
  • Shawn and Tabitha share the importance of family support and how valuable it can be to success.
  • Tabitha describes how being a Chive model opened doors instead of closing them.
  • The story of how Tabitha ended up working on Conan and The Colbert Report while working 50 hour weekends.
  • Derek and Shawn on how being uncomfortable helps foster growth and generates innovation.


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Tabitha on Fox 5 San Diego


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Shareable Quotes From This Podcast:

“I knew from the day I set foot on campus I wanted to go in to broadcast journalism.” {7:23} - Tabitha

“100% wouldn’t be here if I didn’t go to the University of Texas” {14:19} - Tabitha

“I started naming all these different Bulgarian villages that wouldn’t pop up on Google Maps so that was a good in for me.” {19:50} - Shawn

“From the outside looking in, it looks like you guys are having so much fun doing all these cool things; but they don’t realize how hard it is.” {40:45} - Derek

“I have got to create a market for people to want what I have to provide.” {50:40} - Derek


Tabitha Lipkin - Queen of SCUBA

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